Alice Unique Diaper Bag Review

I like big bags and I cannot lie!

This gorgeous grey bag is from Alice Unique and can be purchased on Amazon HERE. The price is amazing compared to a lot of bags similar to this style and the quality will not disappoint. You can also use discount code SS15LOVE for 15% off. I am so excited to share this bag with you all! I am a sucker for big bags that can hold everything I haul around with me and this one is just PERFECT!

You can never have enough pockets!

It has a total of 14 pockets, 6 exterior and 7 interior storage pockets as well as one large pocket slot on the back side. I personally carry a lot of little things in my bag like my mailbox keys, earbuds, phone charger, pens, etc. so having multiple pockets helps me keep my bag organized instead of everything dumped inside. Between mesh, zipper, insulated, and easy open pockets I can sort my stuff out perfectly.

Best feature?

My favorite part about this bag is the two insulated pockets inside. We take a lot of little adventures around town and I’m constantly stopping to grab the kids cold drinks and this makes it very convenient for everyone and keeps my bag dry on the inside. The best part is even after I’ve filled up all the inside pockets with stuff it still leaves so much room in the center.

Jam packed and lightweight!

I was extremely impressed with how light weight the bag remained after I packed it with everything we need for a day out. I prefer to use the backpack option to carry the bag since it’s the easiest way with two kids but I love that they give you the handle and crossbody options as well. This bag is perfect for a first time mom or even mothers of multiples. You can easily organize and pack everything nicely inside so it’s easy to find when you need it.

Thank you Alice Unique for sending us this bag. I will most likely never use another bag again!

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