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When we moved into our home last month I knew I wanted to redo the boy’s rooms for a couple of reasons. Main reason being that they went from sharing a room to having their own to personalize. They originally had a superhero monochrome theme but their interests have changed since and we wanted their new rooms to reflect that.

If you follow our family’s journey on Instagram, you know that we have recently been stationed in Connecticut for 4 YEARS, the longest we’ve ever lived in one place, so now was the perfect time to start redecorating! That means we’ll leave this house when Adrian is 9 years old **insert crying emoji**. We all know how often kid’s interests change, one day they love superheroes and the next it’s all about hot wheels and racing. So basically, whatever we invested in had to hold up for at least 4 years and be something that can easily “grow” with them.

Adrian may only be 5 years old but he has always expressed his love for video games (I blame my husband) and has quite a few gaming systems already so we decided to do a “gamer room” theme and he loved the idea! The theme was something he loved and would be easy for us to stick with since gamers never really ever stop loving the game, am I right? The top things on my list are always: bedding, toy storage, and furniture. I started planning out the rooms and as soon as we knew the sizes, we set up each one.

Our first investment for Adrian’s gamer room was his bedding, probably the most important since everyone needs a cozy place to sleep! While we have a couple sets for him already, I wanted one main bedding that would look good in his room and hopefully last him a few years. When I first heard of Beddy’s I knew I wanted them for all of our rooms eventually but couldn’t justify the price and questioned if it would be worth it. I hesitated buying just because kids ruin almost everything. After keeping tabs on their website, I seen the release of the Checkerboard Beddy’s and just knew I had to get my hands on it! Luckily we were able to purchase it after moving and I’m SO glad we did! This bedding is AMAZING and a total game changer, plus it looks super cute in his room.

What exactly are Beddy’s Beds?

Beddy’s beds are an all-in-one zipper bed set. It is basically a fitted sheet with the minky lined comforter all zipped together. It works sort of like a sleeping bag but obviously better! Once you’ve placed it on your bed, you just zip down the sides of the comforter to reveal the attached bed sheet underneath. With the twin sized Beddy’s you also receive a matching fitted pillow sham and pillow case. A huge plus side to this zipper bedding is that making the bed takes seconds, you just zip! If you’re a mother, you know how frustrating it is to make all the beds in the house or how hard it is to get your child to do it correctly. With Beddy’s everything is already put together and your child can slide in and out then zip it right up in the morning and have a nicely made bed all day long!

Some other great things about Beddy’s Beds:

  • They are available in four sizes – twin, full, queen, and king (some toddler sized sets available as well).
  • Beddy’s are not only styled for boys and girls room, but also for adults!
  • Beddy’s has cotton and minky lined bedding.
  • All sets can be tossed in your washer/dryer machine at home.
  • Strong elastics keep bedding securely on the mattress ALL NIGHT LONG.

We have so many reasons to be obsessed with Beddy’s but my top reasons are that Adrian now stays tucked in every night and makes his bed quickly in the morning before his day gets started so one less job for me! We also no longer have to hassle with regular sheets pulling off the sides from all the tossing and turning or even the comforters falling off after all the bed jumping he does during the day.

"If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed." 
- Admiral William McRaven

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