Benefits of Scavenger Hunts for Kids

May 24th is National Scavenger Hunt day, so I decided to take the boys out for a quick hunt! I picked up the cutest scavenger hunt bags from the Target dollar spot a few days ago and they were perfect for today’s adventure.

We took a quick loop around our apartment complex and found most of our tiny treasures. The boys were excited to finally get the chance to collect all the objects they usually try stuffing in their pockets when we go out, like rocks and sticks. At the end of our hunt, they even had a quick race with their pill bugs aka “roly polies”.

There are so many benefits to games we play and sometimes we don’t even know it, so I figured I’d share a few benefits to scavenger hunts and why they should be on your to-do list this summer!

5 benefits of scavenger hunts for kids:

1. Getting Outdoors – We all know kids love electronics and these days it can be difficult to steer away from letting your child hang out on their tablet or watch movies online. I know because I am guilty of this some days too. It’s even harder if you live in a hot area and the temperature is rising. A scavenger hunt is a quick game to play with you child on a short walk outside, just make it simple and fun! This way you’re able to get your little ones eyes off of screens and let them get some much needed vitamin D while having fun. Also, if you don’t want to be out long, set a quick timer and have your child grab what they can on their list before the timer rings.

2. Exercise – It is important to get your child in the routine of exercising daily. It helps them gain strength and reduces risk for health problems. Aside from free play, young children also need time set aside for planned, interactive activities. A scavenger hunt is a great game to have your child do that is not only working their mind, but physically moving their body. You can make it a race or have clues or objects hidden in places where they have to climb or reach for.

3. Educational – Learning through play is one of the best ways to teach your child AND keep them interested. When you set up your scavenger hunt, include things that can help them practice identifying colors, shapes, and even practice counting. For instance, you can have your child find three, red items or something square.

4. Teamwork – If you chose to, have your child work together with friends or siblings to find objects. This will help them learn to share and work with other children. If your child does not like to socialize, this can be a great game for them! Grab a few friends and have them work in a group or partners to get them interacting with each other children his/her age.

5. Quick & Easy – Our scavenger hunt involved nature and all it’s beauty, from sticks to bugs to flowers, but you can always grab objects from your own home to hide and search for or leave clues to one big treasure. It can be as easy or as challenging as you want to make it! You can even search online or Pinterest and print out awesome scavenger hunts to do with your child.


Remember to just explore the great outdoors and get those kids moving this summer!

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