KiwiCo Cricket Crate May 2018 Review

I recently subscribed to KiwiCo and after receiving our first crate we were hooked! KiwiCo is a subsciption box with hands-on STEAM projects for children. STEAM is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. The crates are curated for all age groups, ranging from 0-16+ years, and delivered to your child monthly for $19.95 and free shipping within the US.

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The Cricket Crate includes all the materials needed, along with step-by-step instructions on how to put together each individual project. Thes box contains 2 activities for your toddler to explore with quality materials to use!

You will find the theme of the month on the front of the box. This month’s theme is ocean games.

First in the box is the Wonder Magazine. It includes information to help your child learn early math, science, and literacy skills. This magazine is great for reference on how you can help your child grow and learn using the world around them. As an added bonus, it includes a section of sorting activities to try at home.

Next is the activity card which explains what your toddler is going to be doing with their crate. It breaks down which items in the crate you will need for each activity along with other tips and tricks on how to use your materials for learning beyond the crate.

Activity one is Ocean Sort – match and sort sea creatures into groups by color and type. The crate includes all the material, which include:

  • Ocean Pouch
  • Fishing Pole
  • Felt Sea Creatures
  • Sorting Cards

There are a total of six card – three colors and three creatures. The object of the game is to turn over a card and if the card reads “green” the you should fish for all the creatures that are green. If the card shows a creature, such as a turtle, your child should fish for all the turtles on the mat. I especially love that the mat doubles as a storage for this activity, so once your child is done playing you can easily pack away the game and put it away.

Activity two is Sea Creatures – create colorful stained glass sea creatures to play with or put on display. The crate includes:

  • Turtle Frame
  • Fish Frame
  • Paper Squares

Each sea creature frame has a sticky side where your child will place paper squares over to cover the entire area creating a beautiful stained art project. They’ve also included a Cricket Tip! for this project which says to mix up the paper squares before starting, then have your child sort them into piles by color for a fun sorting game.


Lastly, for a limited time, KiwiCo is upgrading all Cricket Crates to the deluxe version FREE, which mean you will receive a book valued at $6.95 with your purchase of a standard box. The book for this month is ocean themed to match the box. In the book, Cricket helps Hugo, a hermit crab whose shell is way too tight, find a shell that is just right.

In closing, I absolutely love this subscription box for kids and would recommend to any parent, or even grandparent/aunt/uncle, to purchase a crate for your child to explore and learn. My boys enjoy receiving their own crates and having fun activities to work on. As a parent, it is sometimes difficult to keep my child focused on learning at home, but I love that I am able to keep them interested and teach them all that they need to know with these interactive projects without the hassle of searching online for ideas and purchasing materials. We refer back to our activities often and use the information included in our KiwiCo magazine to educate our children during everyday activities.

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