Family Night with Chudleigh’s

We try to do a family night often, especially on the weekends. I think it’s very important to set that time aside with your spouse and children to just unwind and not stress about all the busy day to day stuff. Whether it’s with a movie at home, a fun game night, or even going on a family outing.

Last night we bundled up in pajamas to watch a RedBox movie with the boys and of course no movie night is complete without snacks, am I right? I made a quick trip to my local HEB to grab essentials and a few of our favorite snacks. Our latest obsession is Chudleigh’s desserts which are now available in Texas at HEB locations.

Chudleigh’s originated in Milton, Ontario in 1967 when they first invited families to visit their apple farm and have been sharing the taste of bliss ever since! Every dessert is made from scratch and frozen FRESH right to your freezer.

If you know me, you know I am one of the world’s worst bakers (totally not exaggerating) but I LOVE a tasty dessert every now and then. When I heard about Chudleigh’s frozen fresh desserts I knew I had to try them! I first tasted the Crumble Crunch Apple Blossoms and it was the most savory pastry I have ever bitten into. The taste of fresh, warm peeled apples filled my mouth and at that moment I felt absolute bliss. Adrian and Abel were all over my second apple blossom so I had to pick up a few extra this time around.

HEB stocks three different Chudleigh’s desserts – Pineapple Upside Down Cakes, Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes, and Crumble Crunch Apple Blossoms, all equally delicious! The packaging alone is so eye catching and colorful. The desserts look EXACTLY like the photos on the front and just by looking at them you know you’re in for some yummy goodness. I am so happy HEB sells them because it’s basically the only grocery store I will shop at. You can find these in the freezer aisle for only $3.98 each.

One thing my husband and I really enjoyed about the desserts, besides the obvious, was reading the back of the boxes! I have never seen this much detail put into a dessert or snack packaging but just reading “how to eat” each dessert got my mouth watering just thinking about it. I’m pretty sure your taste buds are screaming for Chudleigh’s at this point because YUMM!

The Pineapple Upside Down Cakes and Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes come packaged in small half bowls which you bake them in. The Crumble Crunch Apple Blossoms are wrapped in plastic and just need to be put in the oven as is to bake. All of the desserts are hot and ready in about 16 minutes which is just about the time needed to get everyone settled in, start up the movie commercials, and grab all the extras! They are completely mess free and save you time if you’re looking for fun desserts to make for a get together or after dinner.

Abel’s favorite was the soft, gooey pineapple upside down cakes. He really dug into them and savored every last bite!


Adrian found his bliss with the crumble crunch apple blossoms! He said they were “the most tasty snack ever”.

Getting through a movie with two preschool aged kids can be lots of fun sometimes, but after lots of questions and jumping around on the beds we finished movie night with so many great laughs and full bellies. Chudleigh’s made our family night even more special than usual with these delightful desserts. I have been raving about these to everyone I know because you honestly cannot beat this enjoyable snack! I am totally stocking up the next couple of months so I can enjoy every last bite before we move.

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