Isabella, 1 Month

Isabella Ann Sarabia

Weight: 9lbs. 6oz.

Length: 22in.

Clothing size: Growing out of newborn, moving into 0-3 months

Diapers: Size 1


  • Mommy’s milk
  • Being held and rocked
  • Sucking on a pacifier
  • Laying on her tummy


  • Bathtime
  • Being alone
  • Sleeping in her bassinet or crib

My sweet Bella girl is O N E month old. She was having some difficulty latching at first but after about a week or so she got the hang of it and started feeding much better. Because of her trouble with eating her bilirubin levels were going up and she lost a significant amount of weight before we left the hospital and I have to admit it did scare me a little. Both Adrian and Abel were jaundice so I have experience with this but it’s definitely not something that gets easier to hear. After about 2 weeks old we could see the yellow clearing from her skin and eyes and she was packing on the weight. At two weeks old she weighed 8lbs. 9oz.

It took me about 3 weeks to get her on a good sleep schedule. Since she was born at 3am, her sleeping patterns were all out of whack and she had me up all night for a while. Luckily after she got her day and night figured out she started sleeping really well. She would wake up about two to three times at night just to eat and was out shortly after.

Bella has been really gassy and went a couple days here and there without using the bathroom. The doctor recommended some legs movements to help get it moving and gripe water. Both helped some but we can tell it still bothers her sometimes.

She is starting to listen to all the noises around her. When we talk to her she stares right at us. Her eyes are grey just like the boys were so we’re all so crazy about finding out what her eye color will be.


First bath

First outing to Target

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