Isabella, 2 Months

Isabella Ann Sarabia

Weight: 10lbs. 14oz.

Length: 23.25in.

Clothing size: Fits 0-3 months & 3 months

Diapers: Size 1


  • Sleeping
  • Her bouncer
  • Being held and rocked
  • Sucking on a pacifier
  • Playing peek-a-boo


  • Her brothers yelling around her
  • Being alone
  • Bath time

Isabella is T W O months old. This past month has been a fun one! We seen some BIG smiles out of this little babe and she laughed for the first time with her mama. I’m clearly the funny one in the family. Peek-A-Boo is her favorite and always a sure way to get a smile.

She has been on a pretty regular schedule and goes to “bed” at about 8:00pm and officially wakes up at 6:00am with a smile on her face. The last week has been a little weird though and she’s been struggling to go to bed. We think by nighttime she’s just really tired and also gassy and she just doesn’t know how to handle it well so she cries on and off for about an hour before she tires herself out and sleeps.

Her hair has grown so much in the last month and is currently in a weird phase of growth in the back so hopefully that figures itself out soon! She also has some waves and curls when her hair is wet so we aren’t sure how that’ll turn out. Adrian had curly hair until we cut it at around 7 months old and Abel has always had pretty thin, straight hair. It’s fun to compare and see the difference between all of them!

Her eyes are still mostly gray and her cute lashes are showing more now! Some days we do see some blue in her eye color but it’s up in the air what color they may turn later on. She is also holding her head up a lot better now and loves to “sit” and just watch everything around her. And if you’re not paying attention to her, she will probably fuss until you do. When we talk to her she responds with the cutest “ah-goo’s”.

I’m dead serious, she loves Target. Every time we go she lays there so quietly just staring at me from the cart. Maybe she knows it my me time so she’s like “okay, lemme be quiet” but it’s really just the best thing ever LOL.

Also, let the record show that she was absolutely NOT having it with her monthly pictures this month.


First smile

First trip to the pumpkin patch

First pumpkin carving


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