Kid Wonder Box August 2018 Review

Kid Wonder Box is a monthly subscription box that encourages children to learn through imaginative play. They currently have the Little Dreamers box geared towards children ages 3-6 years, but will soon add two other box options: Big Adventurers Box for ages 5-8 and Junior Explorers Box for ages 7-10. With fun, educational themes arriving to your doorstep monthly, your child will be excited to learn and play with Kid Wonder. The fun begins as soon as your box arrives with beautifully designed artwork on the outside of the box displaying the theme of month! The theme for August’s box is Pirates and Mermaids. The box arrived with 5 activities all neatly packaged inside the box.

I received this box free to review for A Year Of Boxes, however, all opinions are my own.

Kid Wonder is $24.95 + $5.00 US shipping per month. They also have the option to order the Little Dreamers box for siblings. The sibling box includes two sets of all the activities at a discounted cost of $39.95 + $5.00 US shipping.

August Theme

Yo Ho Land Lubbers! Scout, the adventure pup, invites you to take to the high seas for another exciting adventure. Your child will explore Pirates and Mermaids with this month’s box. Inside the Let’s Play Pirates and Mermaids booklet you will find information on pirates like who they were, what weapons they used, and how they attacked ships!

Activity #1: Dress Like A Pirate

You can’t be a pirate unless you dress like one, right? Kid Wonder has included materials to make a pirate hat, eye patch, and an adorable little parrot. In this activity your child will paint their new friend Polly the Parrot purple and attach her eyes, beak, and feathers to carry around on their wrist! Then its time to make a pirate hat using feathers and fun pirate stickers. This project is quick and easy with minimal mess. My preschoolers can do this on their own with just a little bit of guidance which makes it easy for me to take care of stuff while they enjoy crafting! Every pirate needs a good pirate name so Kid Wonder has included a list of names to combine to create your own and a “talk like a pirate” card. My kids chose to be Wobbly Peg Fish Face Adrian and Jolly Leg Abel. Now they are off to put on an arrr-mazing show in the next activity!

Activity #2: An ARRR-mazing Show

Ahoy Matey! It’s time to put on a puppet show with this next activity. Using wooden spoons and pre-cut felt pieces your child will make a mermaid and pirate then assemble the stage to put on a fun little show. You will also find a fun little “Sink The Ship” game. Your child must launch cannonballs onto the enemy ship by blowing them with a straw and land as many on to the ship as they can to sink it.

Activity #3: Treasure Hunt

First step is to train like a pirate! Your child will have to follow their training card and act out each activity to receive their Letter of Marque. Once they’ve completed their training they are now ready to hunt for treasure. This activity is one of my favorite from this month’s box. My kids were really excited to explore and hunt for clues to find the treasure. An adult hides the clues and the bag of gems in the listed spots. Then you will read the first clue and have your child use the map to solve the riddle to find the next clue. At the final spot your child will find their buried bag of treasure. Last game inside this activity bundle is a race to see which mermaid will make it to the castle first!

Activity #4: Pirate’s Booty Slime

My kid’s favorite thing to do is play with slime. Most parents don’t like slime because of the mess, especially when you are making it yourself, but Kid Wonder includes mess mats and aprons for each individual activity to keep the mess contained and easy to clean after which is one thing I absolutely love about this box. Everything you need to make slime is included in this kit with easy to follow instructions. Once your child has finished making the slime, just add the gold coins in to make their treasure. You can store the slime in the cute little treasure map plastic bag until next time. You will also find a fun little word tracing and letter search activity.

Activity #5: Design A Pirate Ship

Your child will get to explore a pirate ship and build their own wooden ship with this kit. This activity requires a little more help from an adult for younger children but still so much fun! My kids loved this activity the most and played with their new ship for hours. It comes with detailed step by step instructions like the others but they have also included a link to an instructional video to assemble the ship if you need a little more guidance. Aside from the wooden ship and card about the ship parts, I was pleased to see a simple letter sort activity for my kids to practice distinguishing their lowercase and uppercase letters.

Final Thoughts

This month’s theme and activities were a HUGE hit with my two boys! Kid Wonder has really amazed me and as a mother I love how much my children have learned from exploring these boxes. The information inside is fantastic and the individual projects make for hours of fun. I like that each activity also includes a small card with quick, easy activities for my child to complete. They’re able to have fun and learn all in one short sitting!

Next Month

Keep an eye out for next month when Kid Wonder is headed for an outdoor adventure with their  Wilderness Explorers themed box. Every theme takes your child on an adventure and explores so many great things!

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