Kid Wonder Box July 2018 Review

Kid Wonder Box is a monthly subscription box that encourages children to learn through imaginative play. They currently have the Little Dreamers box geared towards children ages 3-6 years, but will soon add two other box options: Big Adventurers Box for ages 5-8 and Junior Explorers Box for ages 7-10. With fun, educational themes arriving to your door step monthly, your child will be excited to learn and play with Kid Wonder. The fun begins as soon as your box arrives with beautifully designed artwork on the outside of the box displaying the theme of month! The theme for July’s box is Fun at the Farm. The box arrived stuffed full with 5 activities all neatly packaged inside the box.

I received this box free to review for A Year Of Boxes, however, all opinions are my own.

Kid Wonder is $24.95 + $5.00 US shipping per month. They also have the option to order the Little Dreamers box for siblings for $39.95 + $5.00 US shipping. We received the sibling box to review, which includes two sets of all the activities. I really love this option because both of my children are able to participate and do the exact same activities for only a fraction of the price for the second set.

Upon opening the box, you will find a card with a short message from Scout, an adventure pup, welcoming you to the farm! The card shares a little about what your little ones will be doing “on the farm” like, constructing a barn, selling fruits and veggies at the farmers market and they even get to grow their own plant! I love the short overview, it really pumps you up to want to get started.

You child will also receive a small booklet with information about farm life with short activities for them to play as well. Such as, the life cycle of a chicken, equipement used on a farm, what farm animals produce, and even a little about tractors!

All five activities are bundled together in their own individual clear bag to keep material separated. Each packaged activity includes a card with information like the materials needed and the messiness, difficulty, and time involved for each one. They are all ranked to give you some insight on what to look forward to. On the back you’ll find how to assemble each project using the materials you have. All of the activities are also all related to the monthly theme and by the organization of the packaging you are able to tell the activities are all perfectly thought out.

Activity #1: Dress Like A Farmer

My boys love playing dress up and they are always pretending to be police men or dinosaurs, so this activity is one of their favorites. This is the second box we’ve received from Kid Wonder and both have included these adorable little costumes which I think is such a fun way for kids to get into character. The quality of the materials for the dress up play is amazing. Included was a blue apron with pockets and a bandana with paint to decorate so your child can dress like a farmer when they play with the other four activities. They also show us how to make a cow bell using the paper cup, pipe cleaner, and bell included with this activity.

Activity #2: Down On The Farm

Next up is a cute little barn to assemble and four small wooden animals to have your child paint. You will also find a paper mess mat and plastic apron just in case you have messy little ones. Any mother who is always bustling around the house can really appreciate the consideration for cleanliness from Kid Wonder. There are also two short worksheet activities, a fill in the blank and a complete the pattern worksheet.

Activity #3: Animal Bowling

This activity bundle is one of my favorite! It actually has four different games for your child to play including, “Farmer Says”, bowling, berry picking, and train like a farmer. Animal bowling is a simple, easy game of bowling using an adorable little cow ball. Farmer Says is similar to Simon Says, but using animals on the farm. For example, you will tell your child “Farmer says to quack like a duck” and they would need to make a quacking noise. Training like a farmer is all about pretend play and working hard on the farm! Your child will use their chore list to complete their tasks on the farm. I love that they can use their imagination to explore life on a farm. The last activity is berry picking which incorporates mathematics, specifically counting, adding, and subtracting.

Activity #4: Farmers’ Market

Let’s head to the farmers market! For this activity, you want to be sure to have your little one sport their new farmers attire from activity #1. This activity is more than just grabbing play produce from the market. Your child will be exploring everything from farming to math to business planning. You’ll want to assemble the fruits and veggies and sort them out in their market tray. They can then begin planning their business and track their stock. Once everything is ready, you can open for business! You can shop around with the adorable apple tote bags and buy your produce then pay at the register using your play money. How fun is that? A very simple game for kids that will also help them practice counting and tracking their sales.

Activity #5: Grow A Garden

The last activity digs more into science, covering topics like pollution and seed germination. Your child will get to plant their seeds and watch them grow! We received radish seeds for this activity along with everything to decorate a cute little planter. Easy to follow instructions are listed on the back to help successfully grow your seeds and you can track everything using your observation card.

At the very bottom of your box you will find a card from Scout the pup sharing next month’s theme! My kids are already so excited to see what comes in the Pirates and Mermaids box for August.

Final Thoughts

Kid Wonder has really blown me away! I have only positive things to say about this box. I am especially impressed with the organization and how such a small box can how so much fun! All of the activities are perfect for the age ranges listed and most can be used time and time again. Kid Wonder makes learning fun and explores so much in just one activity. Your child is sure to benefit from this subscription box and love it all at the same time!

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