Kid Wonder Box October 2018 Review

Kid Wonder Box is a monthly subscription box that encourages children to learn through imaginative play. They currently have the Little Dreamers box geared towards children ages 3-6 years. With fun, educational themes arriving to your doorstep monthly, your child will be excited to learn and play with Kid Wonder. The fun begins as soon as your box arrives with beautifully designed artwork on the outside of the box displaying the theme of month! The theme for October’s box is Animal Hospital. The box arrived with 4 activities all neatly packaged inside.

I received this box free to review for A Year Of Boxes, however, all opinions are my own.

Kid Wonder is $24.95 + $5.00 US shipping per month. They also have the option to order the Little Dreamers box for siblings. The sibling box includes two sets of all the activities at a discounted cost of $39.95 + $5.00 US shipping.

October Theme

Kid Wonder is off to the vet’s office with this months Animal Hospital box! Your child will get to dress like a veterinarian, open up their own pet clinic, do animal check ups, and construct an x-ray machine. This box really got my boys excited because we have six new puppies in our home so they are excited to give them little pretend check-ups.

Let’s Play Animal Hospital!  Booklet

Learn all about veterinarians and what they do to help animals inside this month’s booklet. Everything from understanding why animals go to the vet to letter recognition and counting. One thing I especially love about Kid Wonder is that they really do make learning fun. Not only is my child learning about the theme of the month but they are practicing basic skills and since they are still in the preschool age it is PERFECT for them and really encourages them to learn all this new material. They retain the information so well because Kid Wonder makes it so much fun for them!

Activity #1: Dress Like A Veterinarian

My two boys are wildly obsessed with anything related to doctors! They like to do pretend checkups and prescribe medicine when someone is sick so when they seen the Dress Like A Vet activity they were so excited to really play the part! Kid Wonder is all about imaginative play so every month your child will get to enjoy dressing for their role and I can guarantee they will love it! As always I am so impressed by the quality of the materials included. They provides materials and equipment that they know will last you a long time so your child can truly enjoy their box day after day. This kit includes an adorable vet t-shirt and surgical mask all ready to wear along with the materials to make a stethoscope and a head mirror. Also included is a bear anatomy matching activity that helps your child learn how different animal parts work.

Activity #2: Pet Clinic

It’s time to get your pet clinic together! In this activity your child will get to assemble a vet briefcase and paint their wooden animals. As always, the messiness and difficulty is rated on the front card inside the kit. While some activities may be slightly messier than others, Kid Wonder is always sure to include an apron and mat with these kits to make clean up time easier.

Time to move like an animal with the animal dice and instruction sheet! This can be an easy, fun game to play with your kids anytime. You just roll the dice and act out the animal movement for the animal that is facing up. This game is sure to get a few laughs out of and a good way to keep your little ones moving!

Activity #3: Time For Your Check Up

Now that your child has their vet costume ready to go and set up their clinic, it’s time to open up the clinic! This kit includes everything you need to give an animal check up – a pencil, a syringe, first aid kit, tweezers, a pill bottle and they’ve even included a small stuffed dog to give a check up. Focusing on business again this month, your child will get to plan out their clinics hours, services, and availability. When a patient arrives, your child can whip out their check up sheet to evaluate them and write pretend prescriptions if needed.

Activity #4: Construct Your X-Ray Machine

Examine your animals thoroughly with an easy-to-use x-ray machine inside the last kit! In three easy steps your child can assemble and learn how to use their new little x-ray machine. Kid Wonder makes the assembly easy to do for smaller children which is one of the best parts of the entire box. Using this kit my children now have a better understanding of the anatomy of an animal and how x-ray machines work to help locate structures in the body.

Final Thoughts

The activities in this month’s box are pretty much mess free which is always a plus when working on stuff with preschool aged children! Kid Wonder really covers a lot of information surrounding the monthly theme and puts it in terms easily understood by children, which is not always easy to do. Each kit comes with just a few steps on how to assemble or work with the materials so my kids don’t get overwhelmed and they can actually jump right in and enjoy the activities.

Next Month

Keep an eye out for next month when Kid Wonder is headed around the world with their World Traveler box. Exploring different countries and their culture is on the itinerary so grab your suitcases and get ready to board your plane!

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