Kid Wonder Box September Review 2018


Kid Wonder Box is a monthly subscription box that encourages children to learn through imaginative play. They currently have the Little Dreamers box geared towards children ages 3-6 years. With fun, educational themes arriving to your doorstep monthly, your child will be excited to learn and play with Kid Wonder. The fun begins as soon as your box arrives with beautifully designed artwork on the outside of the box displaying the theme of month! The theme for September’s box is Wilderness Explorers. The box arrived with 5 activities all neatly packaged inside.

I received this box free to review for A Year Of Boxes, however, all opinions are my own.

Kid Wonder is $24.95 + $5.00 US shipping per month. They also have the option to order the Little Dreamers box for siblings. The sibling box includes two sets of all the activities at a discounted cost of $39.95 + $5.00 US shipping.

September Theme

Are you ready to venture into the great outdoors with Scout the adventure pup? Inside the Wilderness Explorers box you’ll find five fun activities that help connect your child to the great outdoors. Your child will also get the chance to earn their Camp Kid Wonder badges within each activity. This month Kid Wonder has included a quick overview sheet about all the activities and shares links to some of their social media sites to follow along and share your experience!

Wilderness Explorer Booklet

Inside of the Wilderness Explorers booklet, your child will learn about camping gear, practice reading maps, and find information on different habitats and the animals that live there. The booklets are very educational and include great activities for your child to learn more about the monthly theme.

Activity #1: Dress Like A Wilderness Explorer

Every great explorer must first gear up for their adventure! To do so, Kid Wonder has included a DIY wilderness explorer backpack, compass watch, and binoculars in the first kit. Your child will get to decorate their backpack with mountain felt stickers, design a compass using markers, and assemble their adorable new camouflage binoculars. As always, the materials included for the kits are of great quality and long lasting. When you receive a box from Kid Wonder you will likely be AMAZED at how much fun can be packed so neatly inside!

This kit also includes a worksheet about hiking safety and a “on my wilderness adventure” page for your child to fill out after they’ve gone on a fun little adventure outdoors, whether it’s in your backyard, in the mountains, or in the forest.

Activity #2: Let’s Go Camping

In order to receive the camping badge, your child must set up their campsite! You child will get to put together a cute little campsite display using the box itself, making it easy to store after your child is done playing. They’ll start by adding the night sky, grass, the moon and stars. They work on everything from assembling the tent, painting peg campers and making a paper fire with the materials included in this kit.

Inside of this kit you will also find information about fire safety to go over with your child. There is also a counting wilderness animals worksheet to have you child practice adding and subtracting, as well as teaching them what animals can be found in the great outdoors!

Activity #3: Wilderness Training

In order to be a great explorer and lead your pack through the wilderness, you must train to be the best you can be! In this activity your child will act out the tasks needed to complete their training as an explorer to receive the Backcountry Pass. Get your little ones moving by practicing mountain climbing, wood chopping, and puddle jumping, then head outside to find things to collect from the scavenger hunt list. Last thing before your child can receive their hiking badge is to do the wilderness exploration hike to the campsite. You will read the short story to your child as they follow along on their map. They will get to use their new wilderness skills to make choices along the way.

Kid Wonder also knows that food safety is very important when going camping. You wouldn’t want your food to spoil or worse, get eaten by a bear! Go over the quick worksheet about food safety with your child so they know what to do.

Activity #4: Let’s Go Fishing

Every wilderness explorer needs a good meal, so it’s time to go fishing! My kids really enjoy going fishing on our camping trips so this activity was their favorite from this month’s box. Included in this set is a pond, wooden fish and a fishing pole your child can paint. One of my favorite things about Kid Wonder, besides all of the quality material, is that they explore different things within a single kit. For instance, in this activity they talk a little about mixing the primary colors to create other colors to paint the fish. They are just small, educational things that your child will learn by doing activities in their Kid Wonder box.

Also included is a diagram of the life cycle of a fish so your child can learn about fishes as well as the parts of a fish.

Activity #5: Let’s Make S’mores

Once night time hits, it’s time to sit by the fire roasting marshmallows! This kit includes powdered sugar, white frosting, and chocolate frosting to mix together to create playdough which will be used to make the pretend s’mores. While these products are food and typically used for baking, it is not recommended that your child consume any part of it and use it strictly for playing purposes. Kid Wonder has even included a link to the allergy information and adds in safety reminders which is so important. I’m glad this information is provided to me in order to keep my children safe. You will also find a little game of Tic Tac Toe that can be played using the playdough. Lastly, you can practice patterns with your child using the s’mores worksheet while you play around with the playdough.

Final Thoughts

We are lovers of the great outdoors! We try to go camping as often as we can and my children really enjoy pretend fishing, so when I heard September’s box theme, I was excited even before it showed up on my doorstep. As always, I am very impressed with the quality of material and the well constructed activities. Each activity ties into the theme so well and there is tons of great educational material for your child to learn while exploring. I really enjoy seeing my kids faces when they open their box! Every month has been an amazing experience and these projects have lasted us for a while now so I know we are always receiving the best from Kid Wonder.

Next Month

Keep an eye out for next month when Kid Wonder is headed to the Animal Hospital where your child will get to dress like a vet, create a pet clinic, practice their stitching skills, give their furry friends check-ups, and even build an x-ray machine!


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