Nexplanon Removal, What Next?

In November 2015, a few months after giving birth to Abel, I had the Nexplanon arm implant put in. Before getting pregnant with him I was on the Depo shot but that was a DISASTER. I hated every minute of it. My doctor said the Nexplanon may be worse and that a lot of women had complaints, especially regarding bleeding, but I gave it a shot anyway. Let me tell y’all that, that was absolutely not the case for me and I LOVED IT from beginning to end!


It was a very simple procedure and done inside your doctors office. The doctor cleans and numbs the area in your upper arm then uses a tool to push it in place, basically like a really big shot that places the Nexplaon in. My arm was a little sore for a couple days after but nothing insane. I also had it put in my left arm because I obviously need my right one to do all the things and I didn’t want it to be sore. The plus side for me was not needing to remember to take a pill everyday or having to go back to the doctor for the next shot. I honestly forgot I had it sometimes because it’s like it’s not even there. Don’t freak out though, you can definitely feel it in your arm to make sure it doesn’t break or anything but it doesn’t hurt or cause discomfort. Simply put, Nexplanon was an easy, reliable birth control for me.


I kept hearing horror stories about the removal process and I have to admit I was a little scared. When I went in my doctor and I talked about a lot of things but ultimately I was just looking to have it removed. She cleaned and numbed the area around the implant just like before. She made a small cut just off the corner of the implant and just went in to pull it straight out. THAT’S IT. Out came the smallest little rod. I didn’t feel a thing and seriously don’t feel pain in my arm. I’m not even sure what I was afraid of! I think the biggest thing is, make sure you can always feel it in your arm and that it doesn’t move out of place or break.

So, why did I have it taken out?

For starters, I was almost to my 3 year mark with it in. However, my doctor actually mentioned that it is safe to keep in a few months after as well and still be covered. I didn’t know that at the time but it’s good to know just in case you can’t get an appointment ASAP.

However, the main reason is because we are ready for baby #3! Yes, I know what you’re thinking – Sabrina, YOU’RE CRAZY. I admit, I may be a little insane after two kids but when you know it’s time, you just know!

My husband and I originally had plans to have another baby a while back but things just didn’t work out at the time so we put it off.

Then again and again.

I have always wanted my kids to be close in age and since Abel is 3 now I feel like time is escaping us a little. Yes, I have like a bunch of years with my children left and they’re still small but honestly it’s not just for me. Adrian and Abel are 19 months apart and they love it more than I do. They have each other and it’s a beautiful thing to see. Growing up my siblings were nowhere near my age so it was tough to connect with them, even now that we’re older it’s hard because we all live separate lives. I honestly wish we could’ve had our third a little bit sooner but better late than never, right?

I hope you follow our journey through this and hopefully we get to welcome baby #3 sometime next year!

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