Oxford Momma July 2018 Review

Oxford Momma is a monthly subscription box for mothers just like YOU. When this little pink box arrives, I get so excited! It means I get to dive into a good book and spoil myself a little. Every month subscribers will receive a book, along with 4-5 self-care items all packed inside for $39.99.

I received this box free to review for A Year Of Boxes, however, all opinions are my own.

I opened up the box and got a whiff of the most beautiful aromas. I love that the book was placed on top to sort of hide the other items. I’m not sure if this was intentional when the boxes were packed, but it sure peakedmy interest and I was so ready to dig into the box and find out what smelled so great inside! Curious to find out what the smell was? Keep reading because you will definitely want to get the details!

July Theme

This month’s box theme is strength. Oxford Momma includes self-care products and this month is all about feeling strong inside and out. Last month there was a small pamphlet with details about the products but this time around they have directed us to a link to learn more about what’s inside!

Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay

This book dishes out the most honest motherhood advice, combining practical tips with sidesplitting humor. Stefanie Wilder-Taylor really digs into topics that mothers stress over on a daily basis. The book also provides insight on support and words of encouragement which I feel really tie into the theme perfectly!

Fresh Foot Wipes

These wipes can be used on your hands and feet and have a refreshing peppermint smell. They are 100% natural and contain aloe and vitamin E which is great to keep your skin moisturized and clean. You can use the foot wipes for yourself or even for your little ones while you’re out and about and need a quick wipe down.

Some Essentials Lotion Bar

I have always used typical hand lotions, so seeing lotion in the form of a bar was very different for me. This lotion bar has natural ingredients including coconut and almond oil, beeswax, shea butter, and essential oils. It leaves your hands feelings soft and moisturized.

Toe Talks Socks

Inhale. Exhale. Jan Beresford, founder and creator of Toe Talks socks, believes “that through focus, balance can be achieved.”  Not only are these socks a daily reminder to breathe, they also feature a mesh top for breathable comfort on your feet. Non-slip grip bottoms give you stability for your morning stretch or day time yoga session.

The Art of Relaxation Coloring Postcards

Last thing you will find is this cute pocket collection of postcards. You can color on your own down time and send to your family and friends. I find these coloring pages so relaxing. There are no rules to coloring and you can express your creativity freely. We move often and don’t live close to relatives so coloring these cute postcards and writing a short message is something I look forward to sending them.

Final Thoughts

I love that this box allows me to take time to pamper myself and provides me with products that I can use throughout the month. The businesses Oxford Momma collaborates with are unique and create wonderful variation of products that will encourage a hard working mom to take some time for herself. All of the items featured in the July box coordinate so well making it very appealing to the eye.

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