The Home Depot Kids Workshop 2019 Schedule

Do you have a future little DIYer? The Home Depot offers kid’s workshops every month at locations nationwide. The best part is these workshops are completely FREE and your child will absolutely love attending!

The Home Depot Kids Workshops are held on the first Saturday of each month from 9am-12pm (see schedule below for list of upcoming dates and projects). The recommended age for these workshops is 5+ years old, however, all ages are still welcome as long as a parent is there to assist. My children have attended a handful of workshops and they are only 3 and 5 years old! The workshops typically take place outside of Home Depot in a blocked off area but if the weather is bad they will set up inside and a member of the staff can help you find them if needed.

The workshops are at your own pace so you can head in any time between 9am-12pm. I do recommend shooting for an earlier time just incase they run out of supplies which has actually happened to us one time so the earlier, the better!

You can also register online but I have found that it isn’t always necessary, depending on the location. I have gone to about four different Home Depot locations and have never been asked to see a confirmation of registration, we simply walked in and picked up the project. My guess is this allows them to get a head count for children expected to attend. So again, always try to arrive early even if you register online so your child doesn’t miss out!

Each project comes with step by step instructions to follow, all the materials for the project, and any tools needed are provided for you to use while building (hammer, screw driver, wood glue, paint, etc.). For June, the kiddos made a ‘Putting Green’ craft. It is also always a good idea to bring an extra set of hands to help with smaller children if you have two or more children who may need help to build.

Once your child’s project is assembled, you have the option to paint it. (TIP: Don’t take your little ones in nice clothing because chances are they’ll leave with paint on it. We learned this the hard way!) I have seen parents take home the projects to paint later but we typically always paint while we are there and as long as my kids don’t slap a bunch of paint on them, they dry fairly quickly.

At the end of the workshop your child will receive a certificate of achievement and a commemorative pin (while supplies last) so be sure to grab yours from the Home Depot workers before heading out. If it is your child’s first time attending a workshop, he/she will receive an adorable orange workshop apron with their name on it to bring to future workshops!

Children must be present at the store to participate in the workshop and receive the kit, apron and pin.

Next FREE Kids Workshop:

July 6th, 2019
Build A Tow Truck

Save the day with a tow truck in this hands-on workshop. Together you and your child can build a custom toy tow truck with an operational boom to rescue model vehicles from ditches and embankments, move disabled vehicles or simply put the model on display. Register HERE to attend the workshop at a location near you!

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